“We find what we look for; we achieve what we get ready for” ― James Cash Pennery


Wow... What an amazing journey so far! You’re all set to fasten your seat-belt. You can already hear those flight announcements and feel that excitement when you get past the immigration checks at the international airport. Mixed emotions - family, friends, studies, career, goals, life abroad - everything flashes through your mind at an enormous speed. It’s an amazing feeling that instantly makes you feel the gravity of your decision to study abroad. You indeed deserve a huge pat on the back for it’s not an easy one to make and definitely not an easy one to keep.

Now, it is time that you place yourself in the right spot. Get those last-minute checks done. Quite importantly, take some time out to celebrate your journey thus far. Celebrate the future accomplishments that you’re going to achieve soon enough. Share your joy with family and friends.

Throughout your dealings with us, we endeavour to provide you a professional and insightful New Zealand experience. We aim to slowly get you into the transition mode. As an ethical and responsible New Zealand organisation, we take the responsibility of introducing you to New Zealand and New Zealand ways of professional conduct quite seriously. This is the reason we offer free Pre-Departure Workshop specifically designed to get you into the transition mode.

Our goal here is to:

Orient you to New Zealand’s climatic, social, cultural and academic environment.

Reinforce your confidence in  your next immediate moves

Resolve your last-minute queries

Ensure you have access to our Post-Arrival Support services (optional)

We're looking forward to seeing you in New Zealand!

Begin your New Zealand journey with IINNOVA
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