"Know yourself before beginning your ambitious journey" ― IINNOVA

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Free Student Counselling session is aimed at providing you with the quality, evidence-based and experiential information. We’re not focused on promoting third-party business interests. Our services are entirely dedicated to your interests. So, we don’t give you filtered, biased or incomplete information. Since, you need to make the right decisions, we give you something we call CARTS information - Complete, Accurate, Reliable, Trustworthy and Sufficient information, because right decisions are always based upon the right information.

Our student-focused consultative approach puts your goals, interests, preferences and priorities right in the centre of everything we do. We take these into account to work with you to establish your goals, set the right expectations, make course and institution recommendations and give you CARTS information to support your decision-making process.

Our goal here is to help you confidently make a decision on the:

Course that you’d like to pursue

Institution where you’d like to study

City where you’d like to pursue your dream

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