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Hooray! You have received your ‘Offer of Place’ from your chosen institution. You have a very clear idea of what your academic journey ahead is going to look like and you’re all brimmed up with a great sense of exhilaration. So why wait now?! We need to get that visa on your passport that will entitle you to travel, study, and yes, work in New Zealand.
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Your application MUST be completed up to a high standard that can strongly demonstrate your academic interests. You must ensure that all supporting documents are correct, valid, acceptable and legal. Because of the pivotal nature of this process, you need expert advice and assistance to ensure a positive outcome.

Our Visa Application Assistance service is specifically designed to meet your specific needs in this regard. We work with you to connect your academic background and work experience with your academic aspirations. It is important that this is clearly conveyed in your application. We encourage and promote a high-quality and legally compliant process to assist you with your visa application. We work with professional New Zealand authorised Immigration Advisors to ensure high-quality, accurate and legal visa application process.

Our goal here is to help you get legally entitled to:  

Travel to New Zealand

Study in New Zealand

Work in New Zealand

Visa concerns?

IINNOVA brings you the expert advice from NZ Authorised Immigration Advisors. For more info...
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